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What Would You Do

What would do
If it happened to you
What had happened to someone else,
Would you be surprised
Or would you sit down and cry
Or could you, even live with yourself.
Tell me how would you react
Being truthful to that fact
If someone had did you wrong,
And it you never expected
So the outcome you just ejected
Tell me, could you be that strong.
Could you joke and laugh
If you headed down the path
That you thought, that you would never go,
Were you expected it not to be you
And truthfully you never had a clue
That you, were the only one that didn't know.
What would you say
Or maybe to GOD what would you pray
If the same had happened to you,
As now you are looking through the eyes
Of the person whom once you had criticized
For doing the things that now you do.
So take a look at that life
Then feel the pain and the strife
And please walk in their shoes,
Do you now feel their pain
And tell me, now who will you blame
And also if you were them, what would you do.

Randy L. McClave

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