What Would You Do

What would you do if I wasn't here
Would you get someone else to fill my armchair?
How would you cope? Would you get in a state?
Without me there would you vegetate.
For life is not long, how the years hurry past
and before you know it, you're an old man at last
Your steps a bit slower, you can't always do
The many large tasks that you used to do

Where will you go? will you go in a place?
Where you will snooze away all day
With a white vacant face
We are kindred spirits, both you and I
Yes, when you're in love how the years just fly by
How proud I was, when you took me aside
And you asked me to be your young blushing bride
This is me, I'm still here through I'm old, bent, and gray.
The young girl that is in me, has not flown away,

I am trapped in this body of pain and despair
Behind my old eyes looking out at you there
I love you, my darling for we are as one
We have had lots of good times
Most of the sad times have gone
So for my sake dear sweetheart do not grieve carry on.
I shall always be near you right up to the end
For you are my husband - my lover - my friend.

by Eleanor Dunn

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Eleanor this poem is beautifully written. The lines which stood out for me: - 'The young girl that is in me, has not flown away' 'Behind my old eyes looking out at you there' It's straight from the soul whether the person in the poem is you or not. It simply shows you have great compassion and love in you. It really moved me! Ally