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What Would You Say
KS (2/28/1995 / )

What Would You Say

Poem By krista something

what would you say
if i was sweet and kind
also the person nobody hates
when i go on dates
and on the
other hand
what would you say
if i was mean
and crule
that makes kids
cry whishing
they could die
what would you say
if i was mixed with
two things
and not one
i need to know
which one am i
before someone
think as me
as nice and mean
what would you say
tell me the truth
before i choose

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what would you say, if i told you 6 billion people on this planet; are too busy... being/doing something to stay busy, out of floods, wars, and writing 'what if' poems... to tell you the truth; when 'you' question, even that, during your life, all you've come to experience & know. JUST KIDDING. i'd choose door # ONE. i made that choice just 4 you, since you like to be mis-used by people. because, what's behind door # ONE is what i like, not what you'd like. TAKE CARE.