What You Cannot See

Bottled up inside

Are the things I never said,

The feelings that I hide,

The lines you never read

you can see it in my eyes,

or Read it on my face,

because Trapped inside are lies,

Of the past I can't replace

With memories that linger,

And won't seem to go away,

Why can't I be happier?

Today's a brand new day

Yesterdays are over

Even if the hurting is not,

Nothing lasts forever,

I must cherish what I've got

Don't take my love for granted,

For soon it will be gone,

All you've ever wanted,

Of the love you thought you won

The feelings I have now

Won't disappear overnight,
But somehow, someway everything will be alright

by Alainey Craig

Comments (2)

Lovely piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely penned with insight. Love is best experienced when it is mutual and carefully nurtured by couples involved. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
A poem with a good attitude and message. Thanks for sharing, Alainey. Peace