What You Deserve; You Deserve The Front Seat

Do you know what I think?
From the deepest and must passionate
Part of my heart!
What I think that you deserve
You deserve the front seat
In the presence of your Lord
Our Lord; The Almighty and The All-Nourishing
The front seat
Along the front congregation
In the midst of the front people
Front people of the front nation
The front nation; an embodiment of the front generation.
This front generation is the chosen
Yes! You have been chosen
Because you have found a wife
And obtained favour from your Lord
Now you will sing your song again, again and again
The reason; you have found the harmony and symphony
Alas! You will not sing the song alone
It is with your beautiful bride
With the front generation of the front nation
Chorused by the front people of the front congregation
While at the front now on the front seat
With time, your front siblings shall join
To make up the front family
This is just the beginning of your front role in life
And your front praise shall be eternal and everlasting
Therefore, rejoice and be glad
Happy married life

© 2014

by G. Akanji Olaniyi

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