What You Did

Walk away from me
I dare you to
For without me
There is no you
And without you
There is no me
Without each other
We will cease to be
Let me go
Just leave me here
I can't let you see
All of these tears

I'll take my pen
Right to your heart
And write of the pain
That you bid to start
The ink will flow
All in your veins
Bleeding through
To show the stain
With the story of
Of What You Did to me
Then I'll rip open your chest
So the world can see

Look at me now
See what I've become
This is what you made
So would you just raise that gun
Put a bullet through
This aching heart
And stop the pain
From tearing me apart
And when you see
It cease to beat
Remember this
You did this all to me

by Tatianna Rei Moonshadow

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