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What You Did Wrong
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What You Did Wrong

Poem By Keleyna Staves

When the days are short
The nights are long
I wait in your fort
Thinking what you did wrong

I wait outside your window
The curtains drawn
In your life
I was just a little pawn

I wait by the school yard at a quarter to three
Knowing that I will never be free

I watch you at the movies
Sit three seats behind

Sitting there
I realize that you will never know what you did wrong

Not till tonight that is

I wait for you in your closet
Knowing that you will do your nightly ritual
Only tonight is different

As I wait there
I see you with your new girlfriend
You kiss her sweetly
Like you did to me

A week after my death
And you are still fresh on my breath

You already have a new girlfriend
But she doesn't know what is about to happen

watching you kiss her
Watching you touch her
I see you pull out your long, sleek carving knife

You stick it down the back of your pants

'I got an idea'
You say to her
'Come follow me'
You both get up and walk to the family room
Okay she says as she follows you

As you reach the room, you touch her even more
As you see the burning desire in the black of her eyes

You push her on the couch and kiss her more passionatly
I watching silent dispair at the rememberance of that night
I watch in growing anticipation as you raise the knife above your head

As she slowely opens her eyes you start to lower the carving knife
But just as you do so, you scream in agony at the pain that you feel

You accidentally stabbed yourself instead.

I watch
Silently laughing
You finally got what you deserve.

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Wow, this was a horrifying, kind of scary read. I was thinking stalker at first, but it turned into an entirely different, sort of murder ballad story. Glad I read it.