KH (05/08/92 / Ipswich Australia)

What You Did

Here in the world you live
Where you think everyone hates you,
Your family your friends and even your boyfriend,
They all yell and scream at you
And now you know it’s true.
You thought this world was something special,
But it just proved you wrong
You show your emotions by writing songs.
You’re invisible, well that’s what you think.
All you want to do is close your eyes
And hope you die.
You don’t want to cut your wrist,
But you don’t know how to end this.
You’re tied up in depression
That you don’t know how to be happy anymore,
You feel so torn.
Your heart keeps on breaking and shattering into pieces,
You know you’re falling apart
How will you survive with your shattered heart?
You think to yourself that no-one will even notice
They won’t even mourn.
You start to put yourself down,
Because you believe every word you say
Why can’t you just go away?
A million drops of blood fall to the ground
As you start to cut your wrist down.
It’s the first time you have done this,
And you hope it’s the last
Tomorrow you will be a thing of the past.
No more words come from your lips
As your skin begins to rip,
Your memories flash by,
Like a bird in the sky.
You take one more deep breath and begin to cry
You know it’s goodbye.
You know you won’t hear the sweet I love you from your boyfriend,
Or the hysterical laughs from your friends.
Your imagination starts to go dark,
Like the outside darkness of the night,
And you suddenly begin to see the light,
You say goodbye,
Because you have just committed suicide.

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This is a well written poem. Sad yes. But well written.