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What You Don'T See
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What You Don'T See

Poem By Rachel L. Z.

Look at what you've done to me
I want you to see
But you refuse to remove your blindfold

Every morning I wake,
A smile naturally spreads over my face
When I see the beautiful sunlight
Streaked across my bed and floor
Then I remember where I am
My smile falls
My heart sinks
I take a deep breath,
And crawl out of bed.

I dress right away
I don't like to think of your perverted eyes
Seeing me in my pajamas
I get some breakfast,
Sit at the table, hoping you don't find me
But your loud voice comes booming around the corner
So I rush off to my room.

I play music
'The Minstrel's Prayer'
That I hope someone is praying about me,
But I know you don't wish that for me

I will stay in my room for as long as I can
Replaying the 'Prayer'
Finishing homework
Anything to stay away from you
Or I'll slink off to the computer
Hoping you don't realize I'm out

Meals are akward
We sit in silence
Breakfast I can sneak out of
But not lunch or dinner
So we sit in silence
I have nothing to say to you
Occasionally you ask a question
That I answer as briefly as I can
I finish, and exit.

I'll watch a movie in my room
Wishing I was one of the characters
Living their lives, that I envy so
You ask me to watch a movie
I always decline.

I go to shower
Locking the door securely
Terrified that you would try to catch me
I brush my teeth and hair
Return to my room again
I pray, asking God to change the situation
Then I fall asleep,
To surely to wake up the next morning,

And you never see.

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wow that is so sad, but things will get better, they always do