What You Have To Say

Did the artist shape his verse
chisel out a form he saw
paint the picture from his minds eye
tell a story that he devised
design the building to be built
write the notes that music makes
form the speech for grand debates
or are they all just copies
kind of fakes?

Who is it that supplies the beauty
the harmony of sound and space
that makes a simple set of lines
convey something quite sublime.
I would be an empty tube
a pencil that has no lead
a blank page without impressions
simple in my assertions, nothing said
and if I meet with your kind and gentle grace
perhaps I might be used to convey
just a little of what You have to say.

by David Taylor

Comments (1)

Beautiful poem David. I think that the goodness of what we have to say, be it through music, acting, writing or art, any of the arts, comes from the beauty that is in our hearts and souls....That is what I have to say in answer to the title...It appears that's where your goodness in your words come from... a lightness of heart and spirit that doesn't dwell on death and evil and doom and despair.~~~marci.xo