What You Have To Say?

Up, Down, All Around.
We see it everyday.
We breathe it every day.
Pressures, Idols, Rumors Galore.
Follow the in crowd.
Do what the stars do.
Buy the fashions.
Buy the drugs.
Buy the drinks.
Puke in sinks.
Roll with the flow.
Do what every one’s doing.
Buy the tunes.
Buy the cars.
Buy some pills.
So you don’t have kids.
Follow your role models.
Stop eating food.
Buy beer.
Get it here.
No, No, No.
I say.
My individuality is what is
Not drugs and not you.
Cool is school.
Cool is life.
Cool is making it home at night.
You say I am a freak.
But you got it wrong.
The freak is the kid sticking needles in his arm.
No I don’t drink.
No I don’t smoke.
But I got friends.
And you’re just a joke.
Look at you, what a great bloke.
You’re high all the time.
You’re stoned every day.
Well, I don’t get F’s.
What can you say?
I like life.
You may not.
I’m high on life.
Your high and hold a knife.
You’re in eighth grade and you’re throwing your life away.
Ten years from now
What will you have to say?
You failed school.
You failed life.
Now you’re on the bathroom floor without a life.
And ten years from now
I’ll be at your wake.
Poor boy, Poor boy threw away his life.
I’ll be walking to the limousine, big star now.
Like you said my dreams wouldn’t come to be.
On my way I see two old friends.
On the corner of the street.
And it ends.
They go limp.
Their wake’s next week.
I warned you but my voice was too weak.
Unlike you, they were shot.
Left two kids now orphans.
Well they had a life.
It wasn’t their time.
They were going to your wake.
And now have their own.
Three lives lost.
And what do you have to say?
Your high today.

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