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What You Mean To Me
SM (08/05/1982 / Pennsylvania)

What You Mean To Me

Emotions run deep...these feeling i have
it's more than i can bare
Nothing i can say or nothing i can do right now
could make you believe how much i truely do care
You mean so much to me, potentially my everything.

You thought if you told me how you honestly felt
that i would be scared...
that is not the case at all
I know the mistakes that i have made, i cannot erase

I feel so powerless when we don't speak
It's like neither one of us will break
at this point i just feel so weak

You are so precious to me
You are always on my mind
we let eachother slip away
someone who meant so much to me, yet so hard to find
and since then i thought about you everyday

Im so glad that you are in my life again
Never expected it to happen this way
I want you now...and i wanted you then
I miss everything about you to this day

Seeing you give me butterflies
Talking to you makes me smile
laughing with you make me happy
You eyes are honest, they don't lie
I will never forget the look you gave me that night
after you hugged me so tight, kissed me on the forehead and said good night.

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