What You Mean To Me

Poem By nisha dyrene

Friend, lover
and the funny guy
who can always
make me laugh
no matter how hard i try
not to

You make me feel
fragile and cherished
sexy and awkward
and blissfully happy
all at once

How do you do that?

When i think of you
a burst of colour
and a flood of words
presses against my mind
and knocks against my heart

Do you have any idea
how much i love you?

Snuggled up close
i smile at your aftershave
knowing i will never forget
that smell
that is only you

Right here
in the circle of your arms
We've created a new world
and found ourselves a haven
from the storm

That sigh of peace
That smile of contentment
That gentle assurance
that some people search their whole lives for
i seem to have found
in the fit of your hand
and mine

Comments about What You Mean To Me

wow that was a very good poem... very well written i really like it.! ~hazel
lovely such a beautiful poem describes my feelings towards the girl i love fairly well some key elements are the same interesting i think you are a good writer

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