BA (10/13/89 / Maryland)

What You Saw

Showed my inner-self,
to so many,
yet so few.
I showed you the real me,
and you still understood,
telling you was so scary,
but i felt trust in you.
You saw me as brave,
that i wanted to be happy,
find help,
and most of all,
a good future,
all in me trusting you.
hurt and disappoinment,
shall always be in one's life,
but if i have friends like you,
i'll get through,
all that i do.
The inner-voice,
i wait for it,
to speak to me,
as you say it will,
you said it's a God given gift,
well then it must be true,
if an amazing friend like you says so.
You wanna be remembered as: a woman on this earth,
that loved,
i'll remember you as someone,
that loved,
and were always here for me,
never judged or thought differently of me.
As i sit here,
returning the favor,
to a friend,
a beautiful writer and person,
i am filled with happiness and bliss.
: : end: :

written: 10/25/05

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