What You Sow That You Reap

Blooming Valley,
Drizzling clouds;
Shimmering holy cascade
of highland peaks;
Flow in inebriation,
Finally reach in lake;
Lakes then flow,
quenching thirst of land;
Carry septic substance
of economic growth,
Give life to trap of death;
World is paradise,
But life in hell;
Wake up at dawn,
For a walk in fresh spring cool;
But spring is hot and hotter,
Concrete structures
Have replaced nature's trees;
In public places,
Inhale factory, transport smoke;
Someone said an apple a day,
You live more thousand days;
But how to trust any fruit or vegetal,
When contain,
corporate compost & paraquat;
Heaven for corporate
And hell for human life;
Leaders need money to win,
Corporate needs money to grow,
All on burial of human life;
Grand father once said to me,
Don't ever chop a tree,
For your luxury needs,
You pay one day for your deeds,
Heaven, hell both in land,
What you sow that you reap;

© Sadashivan Nair

by Sadashivan Nair

Comments (4)

trees we cut down are not the trees we planted the rice we eat is not we sow and what we use are others sweat preserve our resources for the next generation too- nice penning
A beautifully envisioned meaningful and thought provoking poem. All the manifestations of human greed and it's onslaught on nature are deplorable. Thanks for sharing.10+ points.
nice and lovely poem........a cute poem about nature...
Spring is hot like summer.Getting what we had done, A good message.