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What You Stole From Me.
AK Amy Kerswell (04 06 1987 / Bath UK)

What You Stole From Me.

You stole from me that day.
On the day you raped me you took every thing away.
You raped me took away my innocence.
Degraded my truth.
Your tore my heart from my soul.

I doubt that you really give a damn.
You stole a load of things from me.
You took my self worth.
You took my dignity.
You took my way of being.
And by god I hate you.

You raped me and thought it was cool.
You didnt listen to my screams of pain.
Just how could you?
What the hell gave you the right?

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Comments (2)

i'm speechless your words are so true i could not have said it better
I don't even know what to say to this, because I've been through it, and there's nothing I can say to help. I like the poem, and the way it's written. It has a lot of strong emotions, which really helps.