What You Took From Me

Poem By mona martinez

took my trust,
my heart,
and my innocents,
act like you took nothing,
you took alot more,
i hide from reality,
i don't feel safe,
i don't feel emotions,
when they become so much,
i learned to hide from them,
plus hate my body,
must i go on?

the pain i feel is alot deeper,
but you didn't care,
you just didn't want to get caught,
it came close until i backed down,
i mad for that,
but you can't change the past,
just a shame that i remember bits and pieces,
no wonder why my childhood was blank,
you took most of it,
all i can remember is why i am ashamed of my body,
it now understandable.

Comments about What You Took From Me

I really love your writing style, its like it speaks to me.

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