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Ah..Sweet Mystery Of Life!
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Ah..Sweet Mystery Of Life!

Poem By Dónall Dempsey

Whatchu wanna kno'?
Ask me to my face.
That BS you get is second hand!
Off my tongue there is none.
Nonsense I quickly erase!
Spit it out!
What's on your plate?
Whatchu wanna kno'?
How I do what I do?
Who I do it with and screw?
Who does me like I do you!
You must be a fool,
If you think that gossip is true!
Take your ears away,
From that kind of news!
'Dem folks want whatchu got!
And they want all of mine too!
Don't let that 'smack' they rap attack.
Whatchu wanna kno'?
Let's get this crap removed from our sack!
It don't belong!
You've allowed it to creep much too long!
Whatchu wanna kno'?
Don't you 'ever' let us go...
Not that way! Not like that!
With a cold shoulder to turn me off,
To divide us broken...
Snapped in heat and ready to pack!
With a placement of deceptions laid...
To destroy with innuendo traps!
These whispers are for you.
Make sure you hear that clear!

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