Whatever Action You Take Is Okay

The way I do it,
Is the way I get it done!

You may be looking for style and meter,
Rhythm and rhyme expressed...
With imaginative images,
To reveal a happy or empty mood!

But sometimes I do not create,
To please you at all.
You are the furthest thing from my mind!

And If I don't like it...
You're not going to see it anyway!
That's just how it is!

Sometimes it's about me.
I do not pretend it is not.
And when it is...
I think you will be able to tell!
Mystery will not be an ingredient.
There is too much to be explored,
To indulge you with that kind of attention.

I am fond of you...
But I am not obsessesed,
With attempts to impress you.
Sometimes I am.
But this is not that time!
Or is it?

The way I do it,
Is the way I get it done!
And when it is like that...
You can turn around,
And show me your back!

Whatever action you take is okay.
As long as what I am doing is understood.
And when these moments arrive in my live,
To have me feel it is all about me...
I will take advantage.

And for some reason,
You are on my mind when I do that!
So I guess...
I am not totally without you.
And you know that is true...
Don't you?

These rants aren't completely my own at all.
Are they?
Not if I am sharing them.
Which was not my intention.
Or was it?

And if I did not do this,
You would not know what it was I did
I said I was not going to do for you,
But did anyway.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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