Whatever Happened To The Slow Dance?

Whatever happened to the slow dance
Two souls weaving to the music
Bodies clinched to a slow jam
Mam, may I have this dance
Hands calling forth
Stepping on to the dance floor
Nerves running its course.
And of course
The DJ got the perfect song for the step
The left and right with just a little turn and a dip
Hands on her hip
head on my shoulder
Felling benign.
The dance lasting forever
In a twinkle of an eye.
But I, probably never ever see it again
Skipped the senior prom
Probably wont have my own wedding
Club setting to the image of the freaky galore
But I, kinda miss the songs when Motown soared
Smokey Robinson down the line to Boys II Men
Down on hand and knees to feel that moment again

by Brian (Yaotzu) Bungcayao

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