Whatever Happens, Happens For Good

Poem By Rahul Parmeshwar

We used to live in the slums
eating stale food and sucking dirt from our thumbs.
The time's long yesterday,
But i remember it as if it happened Today.

No money, no food and no guidance,
I made it on my own,
from the seeds I had sown,
People locked, mocked and beat me up
while making me wash their clothes,
I had no option but to do as they say,
because as a slave, there was no other way,
Then when the night would come, i would Lay,
on the floor, tired of today's day.
Then cry, thinking of the past
and say 'Why? God u put me in the last caste'
that would make me suffer so much.

No father, no mother and no babysisters,
The fake brothers and other strangers would take care of me,
but all they would do is beat me up as a wrecking ball,
and hit me up on the cracking wall,
Then the meal would be so small,
That i could barely stand up tall,
later a man would make a call,
And then trap me in a maze,
I think it was his craze, but it drived me craze,
and I hated his ways,
But that was the only way I would eat for days.

But now what do I do?
Live my life in a prison cell?
no, I'd rather die than be trapped in a living hell.
You'll never understand it,
Until you feel it,
or at least see it.

There was not a faint trace of love,
In the eyes of the race,
based on color caste and creed,
I was like a small weed,
Grown by an unwanted seed.

Finally I escaped,
yet I ran and ran with fear
of being caught and bought back to hell
and being thrown deep in a well,
coz I dont wanna go back to my cell,
And back then... I had no one to tell.

Finally I reached my place,
where I was able to show my face,
the place where I was able to ace,
where I was judged by my deeds and not my race,
By this what I learnt is that By your experience,
for a problem, there'll always be a clearance,
And just by this will come your brilliance,
and to say - Although it may not favor your mood,
whatever happens, happens for good

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