Whatever It Is That Irritates

I've been shown to know,
Some days I have...
Are more about me and not you at all.
Hear it to believe it to know it true.
And if there is something bothering me,
I must go through...
God is there to listen.
With a giving me His undivided attention.
And of late,
My request for visitations have been frequent.

I have learned from my past experiences,
Being accused of being in a moody attitude...
Some have chosen to choose to take it personally.
As if I only exist,
To listen to woes they can not let go.
And I have been shown to know,
There are those who think I am headache free.
With a doing to sit and listen to them,
Patient and tolerant awaiting to receive...
Everything they can think of to dump on me.
Say whatever they please then leave.

And believe it or not when I visit God,
On back-to-back days to do nonstop...
God allows me to vent.
With a listening to every word,
Until I am finished.

'I see you are in a better place today.
The last time I saw you,
That attitude you had chased me away.'

~God has a way of knowing,
Whatever it is that irritates...
It will be removed as quickly as possible.~

You could have said 'something' to me.'

~And if I had told you to get out,
You would not have understood.
Although you have treated me rudely.~

'Because you know that's how I am.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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