Whatever It Takes Lord

Poem By Royston Nella

Whatever it takes Lord, Your will is best
my spirit's in turmoil and I cannot rest.
For sin permeates through me affecting my soul
and I'm in need of cleansing to make me whole.

Whatever it takes Lord, hold nothing back
for I have slipped away becoming so slack.
It is best that I face up to what I have done
I've grieved Your Spirit and wounded Your Son.

Whatever it takes Lord, I deserve all I get.
My sin everbefore me won't let me forget.
So I kneel down before You in penitence bow
needing Your help to work it through somehow.

Whatever it takes Lord, Do not spare me the pain
for this sinful life of mine has hurt You again.
I wish to confess these evil deeds I deplore
and walk back in fellowship with You once more.

Whatever it takes Lord, I want to let them go
these sins that I've been chasing hinder me so.
I wish to put these evil desires behind me
so that I can be the person You want me to be.

Whatever it takes Lord, I'll face up to the costs
for it will be worth it to remove all the dross.
To lift the great burden and free me up to show
the fruit of Your Spirit and like You to grow.

So I kneel at your feet Lord, it's all I can do
confessing my sin and my sorrow to you.
Wash me and cleanse me, Lord Jesus I pray
and help me to stay close beside you today.

Whatever it took my child, I've paid the price
when I laid down My life in sacrifice.
Whatever it took my child, I was willing to give.
when upon the cross I cried, "Father forgive."

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Repentance is the sweetest thing to experience in this life

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