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Whats Real Is The Pain Inside
JH (11-15-72 / Amarillo, Texas)

Whats Real Is The Pain Inside

No wishes will be granted on the stars tonight,
And the sun wont lend the moon its light.
No magic lingers in the air,
And nobody really truly cares.

It was all a fairytale you were told as a child,
What is really real is the pain inside.
Believe in your dreams and they will never die,
I actually listened and believed that lie.

You will never find gold at the end of a rainbow,
And Cupids arrow never left its bow.
Life is no sundae with a cherry on top,
Its one misery after another and it never stops.

Just dont expect wishes to come true,
Then maybe you wont hurt as bad as I do.
I use to beleive in the stars at night,
But whats real is the pain inside.

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This poem has real meaning for me. I feel your words. See the hurt. Life isnt always what we want, things can be painful. Thanks for sharing. Kindest Regards Slim. x.