SF (15/4/90 / dampier)

Whats The Matter? ? ?

So whats the matter with this planet,
are we damned and its over,
how many days we gotta wait like this.
Aint it ridiculous all this politician and politic
but the truth is not one of them care,
if this aint enough to be sick in the gutts,
it’s the same people tryin to help us,
killing kids,
so I must be stuck up in a dream,
what em I seeing,
people turn to targets
no long known as human beings,
I kant believe, name it, tryin to explain it,
whats the matter with the planet
everybody’s livin in a scam,
and the government is never really governing,
we struggle to understand
everyone is damned
looking at each other,
yo I kant do it,
what do I have to do
to be the one you hear,
there supposed to be the peace
but we living in fear,
phuk liberal and everyone
who voted them here.

by simi faey

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