Whats The Point?

Poem By Vini Carberry

Whats the point when there's nothing left
When all you wanted is already gone
And all that you have left in life
Are lost hopes and dreams to dwell on

When pain and sorrow are your best friends
And darkness is the only life you know
As your life gets more and more meaningless
That knife feels like your way home

You reach for it as memories come back
All your bad choices, all the mistakes
Tears go down your cheek and hit the floor
And finally it's too much to take

You've had enough, you can take no more
You break down, You fall to your knees
You scream out hoping to be heard
But no one hears your mournful plees

You make a silent promise for no one to hear
That this is it, here is where you die
Your world stops and everything goes quiet
And with one slow cut you say goodbye

Comments about Whats The Point?

Vini, my best friend thought that was the way too, but it is harder then it seems...now all she has are pointless scars and she is addicted to it. And all because of some guy. In your case, some girl. You have a talent, and I hope you keep those feelings to poems, and not your arm or leg or where ever. My friend didn't and her life is ruined. She is losing every thing and one and you will too if you start. Great poem by the way. Loved it and I'm still hooked
Very sad, but oh, what a totally brilliant poem. It really moved me. In spite of the sadness and troubled tone of this poem, I loved it. Marilyn

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