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Whats Up With Crazy? ?

People going at
The need to pummel the other
Punch the other out
In supermarkets & on road ways
10,0000 in the air
Even at a buffet
Even the mall Easter rabbit is getting into brawls
Over nothing at all
What's up with the crazy? ?
Is what I want to know
The need to destroy statues & relics
That have been there forever
Don't know if it's the gama rays
Or electromagnetic rays
What's up with the crazy? ? ?
People's mind set today
Senseless acts of violence
ISIS committing Genocide
Bombs dropping on whomever
Killing the innocent
Heads being paraded through Syrian streets
What's up with the crazy? ? ?
Survive or be killed
Me VS you mentality
Shoot first pop bang your dead
The need to shoot it out like the okay corral
Where is the talking one's voice I wonder? ?
Dumbed down we are by social media
The garbage they spew

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