Wheel Of Fortune

It's the Master's way to place us all on a different one,
Of course you realise this too late when it is all done
Little mercies rain on you - you never see them come
Matter fact you need look up not everything is gone

Where you place you mind today is of course a sign
The big old wheel is spinning on every day align
Wheel of fortune has gold spokes as part of His design
Of days of old the mighty forced others to resign

Fortune was by human will not so much be moved
Hangs as planned are all the souls exactly where they glued
Us to find our real purpose while the spin is braved
It's with quiet wisdom most time that we are all saved

How many spins are in the game while we look for love
Many men will look back then when at first they shove
We hear them mutter day by day looking up above
Can someone else please take their yoke and a spice some clove

Help to look for someone less help them make a wish
Hang on your spoke with every stroke sooner comes your wish
On that dear day for all we know might be their last dish
That is how the great wheel turns no one gets a miss

Matters much too keep as such look here comes your turn
In others mind is all your kind words so fresh that it can burn
The very essence is the fun you have look here comes a turn
'END' every day then with the thought we never which turn...

Arno Le Roux 2014

by Arno Le Roux

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