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Hello how are you,
I'm fine thank you,
How are you,

To be quite honest,
Im just sitting here,
Waiting for someone to sit in me,
To take me outside for a drive,
Please sit in me,
& make yourself comfortable
& take me a for a drive.

If you haven't wondered,
My owner is disabled & in a wheelchair,
So I'm her legs which I don't mind,
Which I don't mind because Claire drives me,
Everywhere she needs to go.
The only thing I hat is I don't have a name just yet?
Oh yes I do its Carrie I must have forgot.

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Claire, This is profound. I've needed a wheelchair and crutches for temporary disability, and they did become part of my identity, part of me. You reminded me...A great poem.
There's an old Australia saying, not used much these days, well, not since our dielect became more and more Americanised, unfortunately. The saying refers to admiring someone without ingratiation. So I say to you, Claire. 'I dips me lid'. Meaning, I doff my cap. Cheers, Jerry