Poem By Anhelica Velasqsuez

When confusion starts
And your rhythm stops,
When suspicion sets in,
And trust steps out

When what you know
Becomes what you forgot,
When what you think
Becomes what you thought,

When the world stops spinning
And it starts to turn,
When the time passes
But the clock don't burn,

When what you bought
Turns to what you buy
When the simple truth
Is the biggest lie,

When life is easy
But it seems so hard,
When the tears come
Without thier sobs.

When change begins - change dosnt stop.

Comments about When...

The first stanza has a similar relation with one of mine called 'Saving Grace' which I posted a few months back! 'Confusions arise, when fear overcomes Happiness glow dim, as trusts come undone' it says in mine that - the value of certain serenity in life fades out when fear overcomes it and then confusions eventually rises in between the lines followed by lack of trust... Poems like this can be related to many out there and it really is inspirational and thought provoking. good write! I liked the second and fourth para!
Really liked this. Well written.

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