When inspiration leaves
and an expiration expresses
more than any words I know.
When expectation ceases
and a feeling of inevitability
fills my heart with sadness.
When optimism goes
and thoughts of doomed ventures
fill my mind with dark intent.
When desires for achievements
are replaced with thoughts
of preserving what I have.
When thoughts of going
are repressed by heaviness
of body wanting rest.
When dreams of conquests
meet the dust of failure
that comes running from the past.
When risk becomes a fearsome
unknown factor and no longer
makes my blood race fast.
T’will be time for me to meet
a wooden box and breathe my last.

by David Taylor

Comments (2)

David you just managed to pick this up at the end and I'm thankful for that, these words were very deep and made me think you were heading downwards but then that last line of positivity turned it all around. Great write and have to agree, we need to feel ALIVE don't we? ? HG: -) xx
This is a wonderful attitude towards accepting the inevitable, when our time is up. I wish I could feel as optimistic as you, your not giving up hope until you can do nothing else leads me to pause for I fear this day and think illness is one factor I can't control.I shall save this, It deserves meditation and more thought. mm.