BM (27/10/91 / Sheffield)


I'm telling you now
When I'm gone,
Don't look back
Just move right on.

I'll not be here forever,
But in my heart we're always together.
Something may happen to me tomorrow,
But keep on smiling, don't feel no sorrow.

Look back at me as a good friend,
Who will look after you till the very end.
Think of my name, then smile and say,
Would Beccy want me to feel this way?

So don't feel no pain because of me,
'Cos if you're in pain, I can see!
I can see you when you're happy
I can see you when you're sad,
I can see you when you're having fun
I can see you being bad.

If you get lost just look to the sky,
Look in my direction and hear my voice reply.
You can have hope
And you can have dreams,
To look after kids
And don't be mean

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