When A Flower Glooms

Air, butterflies, water, and bee;
All handy agents of pollination.
Parcelling the pollens without fees,
Resulting a seed, and then a bud;
Maturing around the swamp and above the mud.

A large landmass with only brown settle,
Changed when bud gloomed its petal.
A colourful change drained the desolated wear.
With arrival energetic smell and spark,
Enchanting small animals, and departure of fear.
All wandering winged songsters warbled out nearer.
Rainbow bisected the boonful blue ceiling.
clouds dressed dashingly to attend the merry meeting.
And around circled the host of liberal bees and butterflies,
Greeting millions of shades to our sovereign skies.
Also beside-swamp turned to sparkling bright brook,
Embraced by the relent waterfall, and brought amuse.
The vales behind gave profound picturesque clues.
Even horizon spinted a mile or two;
Such grand was flower's glooming news.

The festivistic flower gloomed when sun shined.
And the land became the pious palace,
With a firmament garden, that our attention catches.
Alas! All deep sorrows that -
All this was the illusion of time,
Demolished with the flower's dying.
And again left a barren land behind.

But, a man is a man,
Who is like a bud infant,
That glooms only in sun's light
And then the earth is under his bright.
But, he's unlike matured flowers.
That gloomed spreaded smiles and died.
Whereas he touches immortality in files and fables glee;
After he left the lake to join the brimming sea.

by Eshan Gupta

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