EJM ( / Sierra Leone)

When A Smile Is All You Get

Her smile brightened our hearts
Than a thousand watts a room
Tho' not seeking attention
Left a great deal of impression
With her affectionate laughter
Which preceded her whereabouts
Lightening up faces with her smile
That reached beyond a mile

She beamed in hearts full of pain
Amidst her own lack or gain
Like a city set on a hill
Tho' troubled but always rejoicing
Perplexed but never complaining
Not even her last breath could dim
The light she lived to shine
In the hearts of all she met

She was an epitome of joy in pain
A personification of courage in trials
A ray of inspiration in despair
Hope in the midst of turmoil
With just a chuckle, giggle or smile
She brightened many lives even without a word
Proving that a smile is longer than a mile
So when all you get is a smile, TAKE IT!


by Edgar James Momoh

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