When A Tear Falls

Did you know, a tear when we cry
As if forms and develops about your eye
A tear it can talk when it takes it’s walk
It’s the heartache and the hurt slipping by

When a tear it falls
It’s the hearts sadden call
Though inside we so try to fight
We can’t stop it at all

Just the lonely that is within
That we sometimes be
Begins when a tear it falls
Like this one from me

Did you know, oh did you know
As the tears flow
Pieces of the heart
With the tears it goes

And as I’m standing
And as I so cry
I feel something leaving
Through these swollen eyes

And I so try to fight
But can do nothing at all
As the pieces of my heart
Slip away as they fall

Did you know, tears when they fall
They talk when they take their walk
Tiny pieces of a sadden heart
Slip away when tears fall.

Copyright 2006 Bill Simmons
aka BillWilliamStar

by Bill Simmons

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hey bill this is a great poem, and its true, it happened to me too