When A Town Is Small

No one speaks for me.
No dummy am I,
On a ventriloquist knee.
If you wish to know
What makes me tick...
Pick up your telephone,
Call me quick!
You might even find me dared to be listed!

You don't have to run to my sisters to ask,
What am I doing...
When by me you drive right pass!
And pretend you don't see me,
You do that all the time!
I've known you have been away from 'yours'...
But my mind has been with me,
All this time!
I know you enjoy your gossipying...
But I do have an open line!
And unlike you my head is not up my behind!

There is too much in life to pursue.
But folks with small minds,
Believe they have a say in what others do!
And when a town is small...
Folks like these think they know it all!

Countrified and down homey!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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