B: Xxxxxxvi: Naughtiness On The Side

Antisthenes Agnostes,
ex 'Proudest in Hell',
anticipating ease in suffering
from new king suffering worse,
avidly rowed past sufferers
known to king Don Juan,
who was pondering above the wake:
I am not surprised
I am here for pride.
I am, to have to share with them.
Damn! I wasn't proud enough
to get them into heaven.
They had time for naughtiness.
Damn! this last boat ride.

by Douglas Scotney

Comments (24)

Unpredictable and at times quite queer responses to love by lover and beloved are marvelously unfolded in this fascinating poem. Thanks for sharing.
Lovely poem. Tells so much about the psychology of a man and a woman in love. Thanks, David.
What an amazing poem. This had my imagination going in a hundred different directions. Awesome!
A nice tune! ! Thanks for sharing.
A delightful poem filled with wisdom on the mysterious relationships of lovers.
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