A Smile Is All I Have

A smile, A smile is what I give you when you are near,
You look at me so content and without fear,
You know that at the slightest sound daddy will be near,
You look at me with hope, with love, without fear.

Inside you cannot see what this is doing to me,
You must not see, I must not let it show,
Because I fear that if you do you will not love me so,
My heart tries to bring a smile, but inside the rivers flow.

I reserve my strength just to meet you, to show that I am strong,
But daddy is weak inside and can't stop thinking of past wrong,
He keeps thinking of that time when daddy sang you his song,
His heart grows weak knowing that what he had did not last long.

For you he tries to do what's right, hoping one day he can hold you tight,
As each day goes by that you are not near he wishes you where in his sight,
Please know that because daddy is not there does not mean he does not want to hold you tight,
He will be there in your heart and help you to see the light.

Never a day goes by that I do not give up on you,
Daddy's head may say silly things, and make him do them too,
But in his heart he loves you, willing to do whatever for you,
Too live, too die nothing is too much for you.

Know this also that daddy loves mummy always has done,
I know daddy has done wrong, but his love, second to none,
He could not give you what you wanted, due to what went on,
Daddy tried and tried but was not enough, he loves you both, second to none.

I hope you can forgive me one day as daddy really did try,
Mummy could see that he did, but when she saw daddy she saw a lie,
This I hope will change, but only time will tell,
But mummy is strong and daddy did wrong, daddy was a lie.

In all this I tried, tried to fix, tried to mend, tried to make a life for you my friend,
Daddy hurts every day knowing that he has failed, feels like the end,
He wants to be there for you, every day and night,
But like I said daddy was a lie and for know mummy is right.

Do not hate mummy, do not hate daddy, for what we did was hard and long,
Mummy gets to sing daddy's song, every night nice and long,
Daddy still sings it but too himself, as he sees you in his arms, listening to his song,
He is still here and loves you both but love knows no boundaries and daddy will sing.

I hope you hear my song and sing it back, only time will tell, if you hear or not,
Daddy sings every day to you in his arms, then you fade and a toy is all I've got,
A smile, A smile is all I've got for you and a song too,
Never will I stop saying it but daddy loves you.

by Dean SmithKnutsen

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