LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

! When All Is Said And Done !

Is this what life is all about?
All there is to know...
I can't believe I've come this far
And still so far to go;
I haven't scratched the surface
Barely scribbled on the page,
And here I am about to end -
It puts me in a rage!

We need an expiration date
To keep us to the task
Of reaching goals significant
To answer what we ask;
It's all so very puzzling
This living that we do,
I need my own identity
But also, I need you!

So what's the actual purpose
Of my life experience?
To keep my thoughts in motion
While I'm sitting on this fence?
I wish I had the energy
To finish up with flair,
When all is said and done I guess....................
You wager what you dare.


by Linda Ori

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Wow! I just discovered a fellow Utahn on this website! This is very well written. Why did FJR call you Midnight? Did you formerly publish your poems under that pseudonym?
hello ma'am! ! ! 'So what's the actual purpose Of my life experience? ' well this is the question i ask every day! ! well i mean i guess lots of people ask these things from themselves i guess.. i mean we engage in this rat race to archive fame, money.. why? ..for what purpose? .. i mean we die after all.. oh! ! ! i shouldn't get carried away i mean this line of thinking always end up me being fed up with life.. nice thought provoking write ma'am! ! ! 10++ with lots of love shan
A wonderful poem, Linda. Ron
Very well written 'bout this segment of life
that was a nice poem-thanks for sharing your questions -samanyan
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