When All Is Said And Done

When every word is said and done
And silence meets its fate
When all the songs are cried and sung
And time decides to wait
When rain is only lullabies
That fall on deafened ears
When heartbreak meets its slow demise
And sadness has no tears
When every flower lies to spring
And blooms within the snow
When love is an uncommon thing
When that day comes you’ll know
That though the world slowly fades
Some things will stay the same
That even in the darkest days
One thing will still remain
My love, like a forgotten scent
That brings a memory
And like every single moment,
Will beg eternity.

by Ben Paynter

Comments (3)

Yet another lovely piece! This should be sung... Hugs, dee
its a beautiful poem and it reminds me of my own writing well written ben!
i like the imagery and the message of your poem. well done. i vote 10 for you.