When All The Poets Died

When all the poets died
no one noticed they had expired
the world continued turning round
and the credit crunch it crunched them
to the economic ground
the birds continued to sing their songs
the moon waited in the the light
to shine on all when it gets dark at night
but the music soon got stale
and thoughts just stayed
on well worn rails
when all the poets died
no one really cried
as if the world it really cared
to be missing a few simple words
from poets that were no longer home
to write of what is not yet known.

When all the poets died
some others thought they'd try
to write some verses down
and on the internet they'd circulate them round
and chat, converse about the verse
that most resembled what poets write
deeply in the moonlit nights.

by David Taylor

Comments (3)

What a splendid subject for a poem and you have certainly tackled it with great originality and style. What IS a poet, eh? A fascinating question that one could spend hours, days or even life-times pondering. Sustaining food for thought during this pre-Christmas week of madness and hype. love, Allie xxxx
Anyone that votes more than five should consider if I have died?
What a sad world it would be David if all of the poets died.... I'm glad that some folks even if we don't claim to be poets at least put our spin on life from our viewpoint! You wrote a lovely note here... I enjoyed. HG: -) xx