Close your eyes let draw smile,
Life is now tasting a bitter bile,
A piled up of our trouble we left by,
A train journey we will take for a while,
Hear the sounds of our pain drumming over night,
A sweat on our hard palm in fight,
Where our toil we brewed kept us drunk,
And the salt in our sweats drying blank,
Whiles joy took a waiting stroll with Anokye,
Where his returns we pray amidst,
As pain obscure our joy like eclipse,
In await hope will call faith to submit,
The trolls of pain in our eyes to reminisce,
With time, joy will visit us with gifts.

by Jcson Jenuis

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Comments (7)

Great advice which will be all the more fondly taken to heart for the sweet harmony of this gorgeous little number. Hugs Anna xxx
Now do you understand why I call you Guardian Angel Hugh? : -) Lovely rhyme, rhythm, and, of course, message. With warmth, Gina.
Now this is a really nice poem Hugh, with a lot of good advice thrown in. The flow was really good too and I enjoyed reading it. Lovely words abound in it, and I loved the ending. Love Ernestine XXX
Like the phrasing of this work, feet can't hold the ground, lots of despair. Well written.
Very true Hugh, and enjoyed the rhythm is this poem. A good piece of wisdom. :)
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