VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

When Angels Cry

As a single tear, can produce roses form parched soils
Final light of my living draws close, to human spoils
As strength saps from my broken shell, I start to drift
Surrounded by the ones, of my hearts endeavours to lift

Conjured within the nostalgia, to breathe this final verse
Slipping away in silence, to yield again after human curse
Is it such demise? To lye here with my body so broken
As conscious visions blurring, to reveal a new world open

Never seen in the way, of the moment I realise I must go
Recounting my many years, as the heart begins to slow
For the laughter of friends, and the ever loving arms of her
Clarity of my soul, but my tired eyes, see mists begin to stir

This, the time for my passing, as life will never remain still
Lives continue as my structure, lies like flowers on the sill
Final exhale as my drifting comes apart, from the physical
Rise to see my hand before my eyes, realise the unequivocal

No longer of this place, many tears, I cannot comfort them
So suddenly realisations dawn, unto my new spiritual stem
Sudden fear shatters this environment, of what can I stand?
Alone now and unseen, still feel the grip of emotions hand

For now my time is over, so much confusion flitters inside
Mind that thinks beyond the silent tears, that I cannot hide
For their deaf now, to my voice, my touch they cannot feel
No point fighting what is an, irreversible and foretold seal

Turning to look away, the hardest thing I’ve done in myself
I am just a memory, like a portrait photograph upon a shelf
Forever emblazoned the pictures of myself, in the living day
Now I ask, was my love enough? For I know I cannot stay

by Vision Ghost

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Wow....that was better than the movie-The Ghost! Good writing.