When Best Friends Fall In Love, Everyone Loses Something

They know we are in love
we are their insecurity
each glance is measured
and every word weighed.

we are fiercely protective of us
God help those who interfere
for now they know this, and
choose to look the other way

we don’t mean to sneak around
we aren’t even lovers
but we have given them hope
and it seems cruel to take it away..

soul-mates but not lovers,
trying to behave as friends.
because she hates me and he hates you,
and everyone hates “us” except for us.

with the lines being drawn
we’ve forced ourselves to choose
between being best friends now
or someday lovers…

so we feign politeness and smiles
how-are-you’s and I-am-fine’s
we speak of children and weather
and die a little more each day

when best friends fall in love
everyone loses something.

by shannon flanders

by shannon wright

Comments (3)

Shannon....your so clever! Love the last stanza... Rogerx.
Sublime Soliloquy on one of infidelities many immediate consequences.
Shannon, I understand. Thank you for writing it down.