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When Bin Laden Came To Breakfast
DK (1951 / UK)

When Bin Laden Came To Breakfast

When Bin Laden came for breakfast
We were quite surprised
He just sat smiling gently
With no menace in his eyes

Can I have my bacon crispy?
He asked with a warm grin
Up there in Afghanistan
The food is rather grim.

May I make one small suggestion
It would really make my day
If I could have some hash browns
Made the McDonalds way?

By now his talk was easy
The topics they ranged wide
And there was truly passion
Clear showing in his eyes.

Now pass me some more hash browns
And I'll tell you what I've learned
I've learned the West's not feeble
And its strength on it I've turned
I don't go chasing rainbows
And I know my weaknesses
But Bush he only thinks of strengths
Not what weaknesses are his.

At this he looked contented
He'd wiped his plate full clean
And then I was awoken
As if from out a dream.


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Comments (2)

David; i took your suggestion and gave both poems a read. had a good laugh which was needed... Very good
David this is brilliant you have developed a new style, a comic wit i love it kind regard's AJS