When Blood And Water Flow As One...

Pinned to a cross, what more can I say?
Lifeless we hang, in all but dismay.
Jesus, You're pure, but that's not so for me.
I guess only our father will hear my plee.

For here, all eternity is at stake.
Let us ascend into heaven and death we will break.
Listen to the crowd as they shout and jeer.
Don't they know the King of Kings hangs here?

Do they not fear the Lord of heaven above?
I can't understand how it's them He still loves.
The nails have been laid and the damage is done.
But they'll soon know they've killed God's only and beloved son.

Savior, remember me when you sit on Your throne.
And leave me not to die here in despair and alone.
I know You've willingly died a sinner's death today.
For that, I am greatful. What more can I say?

by Kyle Bellinger

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