When Buddha Woke Up...

When Buddha woke up….
As bats, owls screeched in banyan trees,
Right inside the palace, a young man woke up…
To his right, his wife and children asleep.
Thought the young man ‘ Why should mankind suffer? '
With disease, old age, death…endless sufferings..?
Who has solution? And who'll save sick mankind?
Left the rich palace, his wife, children, riches and all.
Walked away far, this man, found a peepul tree,
Sat under it. Closed his eyes to meditate
to find medicine for mankind's diseases.
Till one day, light dawned upon him. Wisdom came.
Thus, mankind saved.
- - -

by Ramesh Iyengar

Comments (4)

Till one day, light dawned upon him. Wisdom came. yes it is in deep meditation and peace we receive the inspirations from God. prayer, silence, intuition, all are soooooo necessary in our lives........ thank you dear poet. tony
very good poem indeed, i liked it
A great world of wisdom that shown in the poem.
Presentation of the poem and it's style are superb. Thanks for sharing.10 points.