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When Burial Me

When burial me
Say to her doesn’t come to me.
Say to her I am in travel
And don’t have telephone number
Say to her great,
Care she don’t shock of your talk
I don’t have endurance
She looks to my grave

One by one take my pictures
And put in fire
Take all my memories
And forget all of them
Don’t let stay anything of my name
I don’t want tremble my body in my grave

Don’t fire my heart, please leave me
Let me forget your eyes
Let me hollow my heart with me for all times

Leave me, I don’t want you see
I am lonely in my home
My companion is only pebble

Who says ready die for you
You will see he is dying now for you
He leave you and
Took all his memories because you

Say to her, he was waiting for you
Say to her you don’t come to him
Say to her, he love you all times
Even he knows you leave him

Don’t say to her my grave address
I know well
She will come to river
Where we had collusion all times

Say to her, I am waiting there for she
I am waiting all times
All of my life.

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You paint a very sad picture here Danial, very heartfelt feelings. Good poem Danial-Melvina-