When Children Pray

Children only kneel when some incident causes great fear
Children only cry when they feel alone and threatened
Children live by a strong faith that is scare these days
Children will bare any type of pain if they feel it will ease the hate
And those times when children pray those times are when god can do nothing but, obey
Children the ask for happiness and they are the light of day
Yet we let millions of these treasures starve for attention
Children look at war but, look away
Its times like these when children prayers save the day
In this world of lost souls what more could one wish for than just pure hope
They are bright as stars that glitter
And all they shed is grace
With sticky fingers from exploring the juices mother earth bares
And their innocence laying bare
And simple truths spew from their rosy lips
Children pray but only when they can feel the end is near
And their love is a sudden rush that only causes forgiveness
Perfect smiles they wear upon their face
And children never hold any disgrace
Light shallow dreams of making the world a better place
When children kneel that is for which they will pray
Children only pray when in doubt
And their voices portray light fears
All a child wants to see is the new day break
And when that thought is threatened children kneel and pray

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