When Christmas Comes (Ballade)

(after A. G. Visser)

everyone in our country is happy for a day or two,
a blissful friendliness and goodwill does reign,
as if the mercy and love of God does spread everywhere
while in each shop people do waste money

but nowadays the Child of Bethlehem is forgotten
as if His words and deeds do carry no impact in the world,
there are people that do not know anything about Him
where almost everything in the world just is asking for mercy,

everyone does forget the trifle things that do drive emotions high
envy, jealousy, gossip and viciousness do disappear
as if we do suddenly live like true Christians
and everything do seem so beautiful, so good people so very sincere

but where people do sit in churches with goodwill
the rich and poor is still divided in classes
but in this time seemingly there is no difference
as if everyone wants to be dedicated to the Prince of Peace

but learned professors do make as if He does not exist,
as if the dogs did eat Him after the crucifixion
as if into darkness we have got to go into this big old world
where they do not truly know the saviour or know about Him.

[Reference:"As kersfees kom" (When Christmas comes)by A. G. Visser.]

© Gert Strydom

by Gert Strydom

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